Frank’s New book


Global Warning: Saving Our Future


Learning from nature’s lessons, Frank outlines ways we can fight climate change, global warming, and loss of biodiversity while creating a sustainable food system to feed the world’s ever expanding population, meeting our future energy needs and tackling our emerging water crisis. He offers succinct descriptions of the world and nation’s environmental problems, potential solutions, and suggestions each of us can immediately take to make a real difference with our own actions. Global Warning: Saving Our Future is a comprehensive look at issues that threaten our planet’s survival with practical solutions and options for immediate and long-term action. Overcoming the obstacles we face are monumental, yet with a dedicated effort, clear objectives, a national will, inspired leadership, and sustained funding they can, and will, be resolved. Saving Our Future is an introduction to the critical global, national and local issues we face with pragmatic solutions presented in a hopeful, straightforward, and clear style for their accomplishment.



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